Woman has accused Captain Babar Azam of rape

Woman has accused Captain Babar Azam of rape. She revealed that Babar Azam promised marriage but whenever he demanded marriage he torture to her. In media talk she said, there story start from 2010 and she spent lot of money to build career of Babar.

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Woman has accused Captain Babar Azam of rape

A girl named Hamiza Mukhtar has leveled serious allegations of sexual on Babar Azam. She also charged of abuse, violence and extortion against Pakistani cricket team captain Babar Azam.

At a press conference in Lahore on Saturday, a girl named Hamiza Mukhtar claimed that she had been living in Babar Azam’s neighborhood. Both have been studying in the same school, Babar Azam cheated on me in love. He promised marriage in 2010 but tortured whenever he demanded marriage. Both families were not ready for marriage, and also Babar Azam finally refused.

Hamiza alleged that I spent millions of rupees of my beauty salon earnings on Babar Azam. My complaint was not heard by the police and the PCB did not take any action

At the press conference, the woman’s lawyer said that the petition is now in the Sessions Court as the FIR has not been registered. Which has a hearing on December 4. The sexual harassment case is set to be heard on December 5.

On the other hand, the PCB has termed the woman’s allegations as a personal matter of Babar Azam. The national team captain is currently completing quarantine in New Zealand with the squad. The woman’s allegations against the shy and shy Babar Azam caused a stir on social media. Most people commented in favor of Babar Azam while many opposed him.

Remember Babar Azam is in New Zealand with team to play T20, ODI and Test matches series.

Woman has accused Captain Babar Azam of rape

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