Umar Akmal Banned 3 Years

Violation of anti-corruption laws: PCB banned for 3 years Umar Akmal

Pakistani Cricket team middle-order batsman Umar Akmal Banned 3 Years for playing any type of cricket. His three years barred against violating the Pakistan Cricket Board’s anti-corruption code.

Umar Akmal Banned 3 Years

Umar Akmal, who suspend beforehand the start of the fifth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). It have charged with two times of violating the board’s anti-corruption code.

Omar Akmal has accused of failing to inform the board under the law about access to fixing and violating the board’s anti-corruption code.

His case heard at the National Cricket Academy today under the chairmanship of Disciplinary Panel Justice (retd) Fazal Miran Chauhan. In which Fazal Miran ruled that the middle order batsman banned from participating in all forms of cricket for three years.

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Chairman Disciplinary Panel Justice (retd) Fazal Miran Chauhan on Monday issued a summary of judgment. As banning Umar Akmal from playing any form of cricket for three years.

The case had heard at the National Cricket Academy Lahore where Umar Akmal attended in personally. From Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) represented by Tafazul Rizvi.

Umar Akmal was issued a notice of charge on March 17 2020. As result of two violations of Article 2.4.4 of the Anti-Corruption Code of the PCB. PCB dismissed Umar Akmal for not appearing in front of the Anti-Corruption Tribunal. The matter has referred to the Chairman Disciplinary Panel on April 9.

Lieutenant Colonel (retd) Asif Mahmood Media Talk

Director Anti-Corruption and Security PCB Lieutenant Colonel (retd) Asif Mahmood. He said that the PCB not happy about the three-year ban on an international cricketer for the corruption charges. On other hand it is a timely reminder to all of them. Those who think they can escape by violating the anti-corruption code.

Lt. Col. (retd) Asif Mehmood said that the Anti-Corruption Unit regularly organizes education seminars and refresher courses at all levels. Only to make all cricketers aware of their responsibilities. If some cricketers try to take the law into their own hands. This is the result for all of these kind of activities.

The Director Anti-Corruption and Security, PCB, said that he urges all professional cricketers to stay away from the scourge of corruption. And immediately inform the concerned authorities. Incase of any contact from any side, he said. It is in the best interest of them, the team and the country.

Which Kind Of Cricket He Can Play

Between these three years period, Umar Akmal will not be able to participate in any cricket activities.

Hours ahead the start of the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League, the Pakistan Cricket Board suspended Umar Akmal. Quetta Gladiators team player Umar Akmal could not represent his team in the PSL.

Brother of Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal has expressed surprise at the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) three-year ban on his brother Umar Akmal, saying he has been given a harsh sentence.

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