T20 World Cup postponed due to corona virus

T20 World Cup postponed due to corona virus

The International Cricket Council ICC has postponed the T20 World Cup due to the corona virus epidemic. The T20 World Cup was scheduled to take place on Australian soil in October-November this year. But due to the uncertainty caused by the outbreak of Corona virus. It has unanimously decided to T20 World Cup postpone this year.

T20 World Cup postponed due to corona virus

The ICC Board has agreed to postpone the event as well as hold the event in 2021 and beyond in 2022. Now this mega event will play in two continue years.

India has set to host the 2021 T20 World Cup. But it has not yet been decided whether the 2021 event will be hosted by India or Australia. However, Cricket Australia has expressed hope that they will be given priority in this regard.

It is worth mentioning here that New Zealand have scheduled to host the Women’s World Cup in February next year. But it has not been postponed yet and the ICC hopes that the event will be held as per the schedule.

With the Corona epidemic and no vaccine or treatment yet discovered. It was feared that the 16-team event would be postponed soon.

The chances of the event being postponed were high at the time.
When Cricket Australia’s Earl Eddings warned of the dangers of hosting the event in June.
Meanwhile, Pakistan Cricket Board chief Ehsan Mani had also said that holding the T20 World Cup feels unrealistic.

Corona Virus in Australia

Australia is less affected by the corona virus than any other country in the world. And currently it has 3,026 active cases only. However, due to the threat, Melbourne and its environs have been re-locked down. While cases in New South Wales have also reported and it growing

Among the countries participating in the event, India, South Africa and Pakistan have been the most affected. And in such a situation, providing a safe environment for 16 teams in the world is very difficult and the risk have very high.

The meeting, held on Monday, have attended by all the directors, including ICC acting chairman Imran Khawaja and BCCI chief Saro Ganguly.

It is to be noted that the corona virus has badly affected the sports industry like other activities in the world. And this year the schedule of all sports competitions have postponed.

Due to the corona virus, Olympics 2020, Euro Cup T20, Confederations Cup, Wimbledon Open and other important competitions have been postponed.

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