Shami Thought of Committing Suicide Thrice

Former Indian fast bowler Mohammad Shami has said that a few years ago, due to his personal and family problems, he thought of committing suicide three times.

Talking to fellow cricketer Rohit Sharma on Instagram, Mohammad Shami said that. A few years ago he had considered suicide three times due to family problems. Additionally Shami Thought of Committing Suicide Thrice including some personal issues, he added.

Shami Thought of Committing Suicide Trice
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“My condition had deteriorated to such an extent that my family kept an eye on me all the time. They thought I would jump from the 24th floor of my apartment,” he said.

“Had my family not supported me at the time. I would have lost my cricket and due to severe stress and mental problems. I thought of committing suicide three times,” the fast bowler said.

Remember Mohammed Shami’s wife filed a lawsuit against him alleging violence. Mohammed Shami faced many difficulties after the case registered.

“I wasn’t thinking about cricket at all. We lived on the 24th floor. My family was worried that I might jump off the balcony,” said Shami. Who was considered a key member of the Indian fast bowling unit at the time. But my brother supported me a lot at that time.

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He revealed that two to three friends lived with me around the clock at the time. My parents told me that I needed to focus on cricket to get out of this situation and I shouldn’t think about anything that After that I started training and worked hard at the academy in Dehradun.

Mohammad Shami History of marriage

Mohammed Shami married Hussein Jahan in 2014. But in 2018, Shami’s wife and former model made the allegations. That fast bowlers used to torture him mentally and physically on the day he came and also tortured him on his return from tour of South Africa.

Hussein Jahan also accused Mohammad Shami’s older brother of sexual harassment. A case of rape has also registered against his brother.

The former model had said that she got the phone from the fast bowler’s car which was given to him as a gift by IPL franchise Delhi Daredevils. She had read objectionable things in his mobile.

The fast bowler’s wife claimed that her husband had affairs with other women and also shared screenshots of messages containing objectionable material on social media.

Due to family issues and growing disputes, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) also withdrew Muhammad Shami and deprived him of his central contract.

“At that time, my family stood with me like a rock, thanks to which I was able to stand on my own two feet again,” said Mohammad Shami.

Speaking on Instagram, the fast bowler added that the recovery process have extremely difficult. My personal issues were also the adornment of the media. My family problems started and then an accident happened. This accident happened 10 to 12 days before the Indian Premier League.

All these situations bring to Shami Thought of Committing Suicide Trice.

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