Pak among NZ who have head to head better record

Pakistan cricket team has left for New Zealand to play T20 and Test series against New Zealand. Did you know? Pak among NZ who have head to head better record. Pakistan dominates the competition with New Zealand. Nearly half of the Test matches had won by the Green Caps. Raised the knowledge of victory even more times in Kiwi home grounds. The weight of green shirts is also heavy in T20. Won 13 out of 21 matches.

New Zealand Govt Grants NZC To host Pakistan

Pak among NZ who have head to head better record

According to the details, Pakistan cricket team is about to make a new chapter of competition with New Zealand. So far, the Pakistani team has been leading in mutual Tests and T20 matches between the two teams. 58 Test matches have been played between the two so far.

From these, 25 Green Caps won, 12 lost, 21 were drawn. Pakistan’s maximum total against the Kiwis was 643, minimum was 102. The two teams met 31 times in New Zealand. Out of these, Pakistan won 10 matches, lost 7 matches and drew 14 matches. The maximum total was 616, the minimum was 104. In the last tour in 2016, the Pakistan team lost the first Test by 8 wickets and the second by 138 runs.

The Green Shirts have won 13 of the 21 matches played so far in T20 cricket. Defeated in 8, maximum total 201 scores, minimum 101 scores, both teams competed 9 times in New Zealand. The Green Shirts won in 4, faced failure in 5. The maximum scoreboard was 201, the minimum was 101. The last bilateral series took place in 2018. The Green Shirts lost the first match by 7 wickets, winning the second by 49 runs and the third by 18 runs. The biggest total 201 against the Kiwis was also made in the second match of the same series.

Pakistan’s highest score in the T20 format against New Zealand is 201 and the Pakistani team won the match by 49 runs in 2018.

Pak among NZ who have head to head better record

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