Omar Akmal violating anti-corruption laws

Omar Akmal have to respond within 14 days accused of violating anti-corruption laws PCB

Omar Akmal has charged by PCB for violating Article 2.4.4 of Anti-Corruption Code. He has to submit answer by March 31. Pakistan Cricekt Board said Omar Akmal violating anti-corruption.

Test cricketer has charged under 4.2.2 and he accused of violating the law twice. PCB suspended Omar Akmal ahead of Pakistan Super League (PSL)
Due to which he could not even represent Quetta gladiators.
Now almost a month later PCB have charged under the Anti-Corruption Code. Notice of charge sent to Omar Akmal on March 17
And according to the rules, he will be able to respond by March 31.

Omar Akmal violating anti-corruption laws PCB

PCB says Omar Akmal twice violated Anti-Corruption Code, which he has been charged under Code 4.2.2.
According to the code, after receiving the fixing offer, Omar Akmal did not notify PCB Vigilance & Security Department. And the conviction for that crime has been banned for at least six months.

What is the Punishment Violate Code 4.2.2

Under Article 6.2, if found guilty of violation of Article 4.2.2, a sentence of up to six months to a lifetime ban.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) charged Omar Akmal twice for violating the board’s anti-corruption code.

A few hours before the opening match of the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League on February 20, Pakistan Cricket Board suspended Omar Akmal for violating anti-corruption laws.

Omar Akmal supposed to represent Quetta Gladiators in the Pakistan Super League. But his suspension banned from participating in all cricket matches, including PSL league.

Omar Akmal’s older brother and wicketkeeper batsman Kamran Akmal defended him completely despite the suspension by the board.
 He talking to the media said that I know my brother, he cannot do such thing. They are still as transparent as they were 10 years ago when he stepped into international cricket.
He claimed that Omar Akmal cooperated with the Anti-Corruption Unit more than any other player.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that the PCB has issued a show cause notice to Omar Akmal for violating the Code of Conduct.

A few days ago of the suspension. Omar Akmal involved in controversy at the National Cricket Academy.

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