old Bangladesh captain Mushrafi Murtaza suffering covid-19

Cases of corona virus have started to rising up in Bangladesh. Former captain of Bangladesh cricket team Mushrafi Murtaza and two other players have fallen victim to corona virus. It has confirmed by his elder brother Mursalin bin Murtaza. That old Bangladesh captain Mushrafi Murtaza suffering covid-19.

old Bangladesh captain Mushrafi Murtaza suffering covid-19
old Bangladesh captain Mushrafi Murtaza suffering covid-19

old Bangladesh captain Mushrafi Murtaza suffering covid-19.

According to Bangladeshi media reports. Bangladeshi all-rounder Mushrafi Murtaza has diagnosed with the corona virus. His elder brother Mursalin bin Murtaza confirmed the corona report was positive.

Mursalin says that Mushrafi Murtaza has been in bad health for the last few days. As a result, he underwent a corona test, which was reported to be positive. And since then, the brother has been quarantined at home. “

Mushrafi Murtaza, who resigned from the ODI team in March, confirmed that he had contracted the virus on social media.

He wrote on the social networking site Facebook that today the result of my code-19 was positive. I request everyone to pray for my speedy recovery.

He said the number of people infected with the virus in Bangladesh has exceeded one lakh. We all need to be more careful. Everyone stay home and don’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I am following all the precautions at home.

It should be noted that Mushrafi Murtaza has represented Bangladesh in all three formats and so far. He has played in 36 Tests, 220 ODIs and 54 T20I matches during his career.

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Mushrafi Murtaza is also a Member of Parliament and during the epidemic. He was constantly helping people, especially in his constituency west of his city and the capital Dhaka.

Others Bangladeshi Players name who’s contracted corona virus

Nafees Iqbal, the elder brother of former Bangladesh cricketer and ODI captain Tamim Iqbal, is also suffering from code 19. Which has led to him being quarantined at his home in Chittagong.

Nafees Iqbal, the elder brother of Bangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal. Who has the honor of representing Bangladesh in 11 Tests and 16 ODIs, is currently coaching domestic teams.

“Ten days ago I was feeling feverish, my body was hot for two days. I had lost my appetite and I was feeling very weak. ” He said in an audio message sent to reporters via email.

“After that, I sent my samples for testing, which proved that I have infected with the corona virus,” Nafees said.

In addition, left-arm Bangladeshi spinner Nazemul Islam, who is active in relief work, has also confirmed that he has fallen victim to Corona.

The 28-year-old bowler, who has played one Test, five ODIs and 13 T20 Internationals, told AFP: “I don’t know how I got the virus. My parents’ test was positive.

It should be noted that the virus has been confirmed in 180,000 people in Bangladesh so far and at least 1,400 people have died.

Several cricketers have been infected with the corona virus before.

Former star cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi also contracted the corona virus on which he asked the fans for prayers.

On the occasion of Eid, former opening batsman Tawfiq Omar also tested positive for corona virus.

old Bangladesh captain Mushrafi Murtaza suffering covid-19

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