Not Declare T20 World Cup Future Yet

A telephonic Conference of International Cricket Council (ICC) has ended regarding T20 World Cup 2020 schedule. In this meeting Not Declare T20 World Cup Future Yet.

Not Declare T20 World Cup Future Yet
Not Declare T20 World Cup Future Yet File Photo

Not Declare T20 World Cup Future Yet

In the conference many cricket boards expressed their concerns about preparation. Meeting again will be held in June 20 to discussed future of T20 world Cup. There many roamers was spreading that BCCI want to delayed world cup to play IPL.

T20 World Cup 2020 supposed to be played in Australia from October. But the outbreak of corona virus restricted to holding it. Cricket boards expressing the concerns regarding danger of covid-19.

On May 28 -2020 held the telephonic conference to decide arrangement of T20 World Cup 2020. Meeting finished without any clear massage. Reports said that bargaining of the matter postpone now and it will conform in next meeting on June 10.

This meeting presided by President of the ICC Mr. Shushanak Manohar. All stakeholder cricket boards join it. Most of them not sure about how to prepare in covid situation. They need things more claer.

President informed to stakeholders in the next meeting bring some more ideas to discuss. We are looking some alternative options as well. In next meeting hope we reached to final decision regarding T20 World Cup 2020.

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All cricket boards advised to International Cricket Board management, find solution for starting games. Need alternatives in the outbreak of corona virus condition. Players, management and the people who directly involved in grounds. Must provide safe and healthy environment for them to keep the continue sports.

The ICC’s key teleconference was not only inconclusive. A new controversy arose over which the entire agenda of the ICC meeting, postponed in an unconventional manner. Board members angry over breach of confidentiality in ICC board meetings. Board decide to investigate it.

New for postpone the event

Remember days ago news came The future of the scheduled mega event T20 Word Cup. Which is schedule to play Australia in October-November will considered at the ICC Board Meeting.

Australian government close borders for corona virus safety. They have plan to open border in mid September. Mega event scheduled in October and November 2020. There is not enough time for teams staying preparation.

Total 16 teams will participate in the tournament. Not sure Australian Cricket can provide secure environment for all 16 teams.

Not Declare T20 World Cup Future Yet

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