Not allowed under-15 players ICC has introduced new rule

According to details, the ICC has introduced an age policy for players to play international cricket. According to which a cricketer must be at least 15 years old to be eligible to play at the international level cricket. Thus not allowed under-15 players ICC has introduced new rule

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Not allowed under-15 players ICC has introduced new rule

Now The doors of international cricket have closed on U-15 players. The age for participating in any type of cricket competition should not be less than this.

Earlier there was no minimum age policy for international cricket. However, the ICC has now issued a policy in this regard. Players under the age of 15 will not be allowed to participate in any style of competition. Applicable Men, Women will also be applicable to all international and bilateral competitions. The decision has made for the safety of the players.

The ICC has said that in an extraordinary situation, if a country wants to include under-15 cricketers, it must provide reasonable justification in the application for prior permission. They have to prove that the discounted player is mentally and physically capable of carrying the burden of international cricket.

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It may be recalled that Hassan Raza of Pakistan is the youngest cricketer to make his international debut. He played his first Test at just 14 years and 227 days old. Romania’s McGrossam and Kuwaiti Boussar also have the honor of playing their country’s first T20 International at the age of 14.

It means now no one will break Hassan Raza record in future. May he will the last player who will remain in minimum age record.

Not allowed under-15 players ICC has introduced new rule, this age policy will apply for new players who play international cricket

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