New Guidelines for Cricket Introduced by ICC Under Covid

The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) cricket committee has recommended a temporary ban on polishing the ball with saliva. ICC proposing new changes to the game in outbreak of the corona virus. New Guidelines for Cricket Introduced by ICC Under Covid 19.

The Dubai International Cricket Council has issued guidelines for the revival of cricket after the corona virus. Under which the players will not allowed to hug each other to celebrate any success on the field. They will not able to hug to each other on any success in the field. Nor will they be able to shake hands, also will be a ban on high five.

New Guidelines for Cricket Introduced by ICC
On field players restricted lot of things

The 16-page Back to Cricket Guidelines released by the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Friday. It has confirmed that bowlers will not to use saliva to polish the ball.

New Guidelines for Cricket Introduced by ICC

According to ICC documents, the players will keep their distance from each other on the field. Such celebration will be not allowed in which there is body contact involve.They will not give anything to each other, including a water bottle. Bowlers on the field will not give any of their equipment like sweaters, sunglasses, jumpers, caps, etc. to the umpires. Each player will be responsible for their own equipment.

Bowlers have been instructed to avoid touching their faces after using the ball. Will use hand sanitizers again and again, umpires will wear gloves and touch the ball. Players must keep distance minimum one and half meters in the training session. All these instruction released on Friday.

The ICC says the guidelines are issued according to the its Medical Advisory Board.

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Some Important Instructions

  1. Players will spend minimum 14 days in quarantine.
  2.  It has recommended that a Chief Medical Officer appointed with each team.
  3. Chief Medical Officer will responsible to providing a healthy environment for the players.
  4. All teams will be tested for corona virus for international competitions.
  5. ICC guidelines advise teams to travel on chartered flights for international series.
  6. There should be separate rooms for players and the team should stay on the same floor.
  7. Players not allowed to hug to each other for celebration.
  8. Not allowed to shake hands in the field.
  9. They not allowed to enjoy high fives,
  10. Bowler cannot used saliva for polishing the ball.

Head of ICC Cricket Committee Anil Kumle Remarks

Head of ICC Cricket Committee and the former great leg spinner Anil Kumle said. We have in corona virus pandemic situation. These recommendations should implemented temporarily to start games safely.

He said “We are going through extraordinary circumstances,” the cricket committee, looking at that. These recommendations are to maintain the beauty of the game to ensuring the safety of everyone involved in cricket.

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Continuing his speech , he said that these recommendations have sent to the ICC Board. Who will meet on May 28 via video conference to discuss the recommendations.

Many of sports events have been cancelled or postponed due to corona virus. The fans of sports need some games to release themselves from covid tension. The stack holder and franchises of sports going in lose. Everyone need some activity for money and enjoyment. Members looking for some alternative to keep games on.

For the ICC and the stakeholders is important to continue cricket but not in that condition where players and staff to be in trouble. ICC always concern about neat and free of risk games. It is beauty of sports.

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