Lahore Qalandars Players leaving PSL

Which players from Lahore Qalandars are leaving PSL? Great news has come for Cricket Fans

Lahore Qalandars Players are leaving PSL? after securing their team place in the semi-finals for the first time. They reach here in five seasons after defeating the Multan Sultans on Sunday.  Victory of LQ was remarkable achievement for them because MS have the top of the points table. There are some bad news coming for fans of LQ at the same time. However, there may be a possibility for the Lahoreis to turn into ‘grief’ as the return of three foreign Players including a David Visa.

Lahore Qalandars Players leaving PSL

David Visay may leave London at any time if the flight is confirmed. Lahore Qalandars management has begun travel arrangements for return of David Visay at his request.

Sri Lanka spinner Segupersena also likes to go home due to private engagements. For his return, the administration of Lahore Qalandars is also trying to get a flight.

Before the semi-finals, the Lahore Qalandars management is in contact with other foreign players. Team management wishes more and more foreign cricketers were available at the knockout stage. It is important that players decide on whether to go home or stay further to continue PSL. A couple of more players have asked for a consultation before reaching any conclusions.

Who will leave to Lahore Qalandars

Chris Lane, David Viz and Sekiga Prasanna

Fast-paced Corona virus has badly affected Pakistan Super League, Lahore Qalandars team get big blow ahead of PSL semi-final. The 3 most important players on the team have left home.

As reporters before the PSL semifinal, three of Lahore Qalandars players Chris Lane, David Viz and Sekiga Prasanna left for their home country but now Lahore has added their replacement to their squad.

New Replacement Squad 

Abid Ali and Salman Agha join with Lahore Qalandars squad as replacement players. Zimbabwe player Sikander Rizane joins Zalmi’s squad of Peshawar Zalmi.
It is worth mentioning here that this is the first time in five seasons of PSL that Lahore Qalandars have reached the semi-finals. However, they are now facing a tremendous availability of foreign players.

Both semifinals of the Pakistan Super League will be played at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore tomorrow 17. The first semi-final will be between Multan Sultan and Peshawar Zalmi, which will begin at 2PM.
Karachi Kings and Lahore Qalandars will play second semi-final at 7pm.
The winning teams will compete in the final match for the trophy March 18.

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