ICC Released New Rankings Pak India Lost Positions

New Annual Rankings, Pakistan, India Decline In ICC Rankings After a Long Time

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has released a new ranking. For Test, ODI and T20 cricket on an annual basis, with Australia snatching the top spot. In ICC Released New rankings Pak India Lost Positions.

Dubai ICC has released a new annual ranking. According to which Pakistan has lost the first position in the T20 and has come to the fourth position. Where the Indian team lost the first position in the Test rankings and dropped two places and jumped at the third position.

ICC Released New rankings Pak India Lost Positions

Pakistan cricket team has lost the first position of T20 after two years. For the first time from October 2016, India has relegated to third place in the Tests.

Test Teams Rankings

According to the ICC, the new rankings are based on the matches played since May 2019. Australia got the first position of the test from India with 116 points.

New Zealand is second with 115 points while India is third after a long time.

There is a slight difference in points between the top three teams in Test cricket rankings where each team has a one-point lead. As followed Australia 116, New Zealand 115 and India captured 114 points as ICC.

The fourth largest team in the Tests is England and the fifth team is Sri Lanka, while South Africa and Pakistan are ranked 6th and 7th respectively.

It is surprises that Afghanistan took the lead over Bangladesh and ranked ninth behind the West Indies. Followed by Bangladesh at number 10 and Zimbabwe at number 11.

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T20 Teams Rankings

In the ICC’s annual T20 rankings after two years. Pakistan has lost its first position and has slipped to fourth position. While Australia has secured the first position and England has moved to the second position while India’s team It has moved up to third position in the T20 rankings and South Africa is in fifth position.

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One Day Teams Rankings

In the ODI rankings World champions England remain top of the table with 127 points.

Indian team in ODI format located at second position in the new rankings.

New Zealand, who lost in the final of the World Cup 2019, is still in third place with 119 points, but India is in second position and there is a difference of 3 points between the two teams.

In ODI cricket, South Africa is fourth and Australia is fifth.

The number of Pakistan cricket team has not changed and it is still at the sixth position, Bangladesh is at 7, Sri Lanka is at 8, West Indies is at 9 and Afghanistan is at 10.

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