Holding T20 World Cup this year extremely dangerous: CA

The T20 World Cup is schedule to play October 18 to November 15 in Australia. 16 teams are to participate in the this mega event. Cricket Australia warn that Holding T20 World Cup this year extremely dangerous.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is urge to host the T20 World Cup this year. But Cricket Australia’s chief executive has described the event as “extremely dangerous”.

Holding T20 World Cup this year extremely dangerous: CA
Holding T20 World Cup this year extremely dangerous CA File photo

Holding T20 World Cup this year extremely dangerous Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia chief executive Kevin Roberts has said. The tournament scheduled for October and November this year, would be “extremely risky”. Cricket Australia written a official letter to ICC, regard it.

In the current situation, there are fears that the event may be postponed. In the serious situation and the threat posed by Corona, the ICC is insisting on holding the event this year.

The future of the event was discuss at an ICC board meeting on Thursday, Now it has postponed until a meeting on June 10.

“The timing of the World T20 is very important for the ICC, we are all hopeful that this October,” Roberts said. It may be held in November, but we can say that the possibility of holding the event is in great danger and it will be very dangerous.

“If the World Cup is postponed, there are options to hold the event in 2021 and 2022. We are considering all possibilities, including bringing in players from other countries on chartered flights,” he said.

Roberts said the ICC is also looking at a number of events scheduled in the coming years. They are thinking when the scheduled event could be held in Australia. In India is schedule to host the T20 World Cup next year and then in 2023 too India is to host the ODI World Cup. However, we cannot ignore women’s cricket as the Women’s World Cup is also scheduled in New Zealand early next year.

Cricket Australia Suggestion

Holding the event as scheduled in October and November this year will be extremely risky. Earl Eddings, chairman of Cricket Australia, had proposed except holding event this year. It’s better to rescheduled World Cup next year.

He said that if the World Cup in Australia is canceled this year and if it is scheduled in October and November 2022, it will hurt for cricket. He also pointed out new windows in February, March or October, November next year.

Eddings suggested that Australia replaced in October. Allow to host the event in November 2021 and then allow India to host the event in 2022.

He said Australia had been very successful in dealing with the Corona threat. Which means that there are more chances of holding the event in 2021. And so India will have another year to deal with Corona’s problems.

T20 World Cup Schedule in India

It is to be noted that T20 World Cup 2020 is scheduled in Australia while 2021 is hosted by India and if the scheduled event in Australia is postponed to next year. Then India will also have to face a delay of one year for which India does not seem ready.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is trying to postpone the World Cup this year so that it can host the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Australia will host the mega event in October 2022.

The International Cricket Council will make the final decision on whether to hold or postpone the event.

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