German Football League kicks off Corona Defeated

The Corona virus has affected all other sports and international competitions, including football around the world. But now, after a long period of lockdowns and closures, the German football league Bundesliga has officially started. German Football League kicks off Corona Defeated.

German Football League kicks off Corona Defeated

According to Arab News, the Bundesliga is the biggest tournament in Europe starting after the lockdown. Other countries, including Italy and France, have not yet fully recovered from the corona virus. Top flight German football kicked off again on Saturday as french started it. While Italy also announced the European tourism resumption.

German Football League Started In Soundless

The opening matches of the Bundesliga were played on empty fields without any cheering staff. Whole ground was silence.

The Borussia Dortmund 45-year-old fan said: “It’s disappointing to have matches on empty fields, but it’s better than nothing.”

Earlier The German Football League has announced that the remaining 26 matches of the Bundesliga Football League, starting May 16, will be played without spectators.

A total of 18 teams will take part in the Bundesliga, but the code of conduct issued due to the corona virus will strictly enforced.

The stadium will have only 300 staff members during the matches. While players asked to refrain from spitting, celebrating in groups or touching teammates.

It may recalled that before the football tournament started. The government had tested the players and coaches. While the teams were kept in quarantine for a week.

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During the game, the players have seen following the safety measures while the players came in several buses to reach the field.

Dortmund legend Earling Braut Holland became the first player to score the first goal after a two-month hiatus.

Dortmund beat Schalke 4-0 thanks to the brilliant striker’s brilliant play, but he kept celebrating alone at some distance from his teammates and there were no spectators cheering him on.

German Football League kicks off Corona Defeated

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