Former Cricketers Wishing to Welcome England

Former Cricketers Wishing to Welcome England. Former Pakistan cricket captains Wasim Akram, Shahid Khan Afridi and Rashid Latif have declare important the upcoming tour of England cricket team for the future of Pak cricket. Pakistan will welcome to England after 15 years.

England Team
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Former Cricketers Wishing to Welcome England Cricket Team

The PCB has invited the English team to tour for 3 T20 matches in January next year. In this regard, former captain Wasim Akram said that England’s short tour of Pakistan would also be a great success. The series will be a source of interest not only for the fans but also for the young cricketers. I know how the English board works, it has been working for a year to make these matches possible, now it is very welcome to see positive progress.

Rashid Latif said that sometimes backdoor diplomacy works. Now it can be estimated that the last tour of Pakistan team was not pointless, the tour of English squad is very important for us, this series was according to the schedule, the South African team also played then Australia and New Zealand. The road will be smooth, the image of Pakistan will be much better.

Former captain Shahid Afridi said that a large number of international cricketers came to participate in PSL along with foreign teams in the last one year. The arrival of English team will be a great step for Pakistan cricket. It is very important for big teams to come here. This will further enhance the positive image of the country. Hopefully, the ECB will go ahead and send its team for the tour. English cricketers will definitely enjoy our hospitality to the fullest.

If the England board is satisfied with Pakistan’s security and find all parameters well. It will be the end of 15 years long waiting.

Former Cricketers Wishing to Welcome England Cricket Team

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