Fashion Definition | What is The Fashion

Fashion Definition means something that is trendy or valued in a certain time period. The prevailing fashion/ trends/style is called ‘vogue’. Fashion can also simply mean our lifestyle: the clothing and accessories that we wear and the cosmetics that we apply. … It is important to follow fashion. Understand What is The Fashion and how this important for good looking.

What is The Fashion

  1. People’s Fashion can be defined as generally dressing sense which is prevailing in their culture.
  2. Fashion is different from gender to gender.
  3. Not only it is something decors to human, Fashion is a general aspect to culture as well.
  4. Fashion is like as clothes, shoes and accessories etc.
  5. In-short Fashion is indispensable for our society because fashion can be good sort for introduces our traditions in the rest of the world.

It’s show country’s culture to other person how their peoples dress our self.Fashion is better now a day because every culture has a lot of varieties in their fashions. People mostly join fashion industry as a profession. Fashion industry is increase our scope and people attract their innovations in fashion style and they also adopt it very efficiently. Fashion makes us decent. Thus to sum up all the above discussions I would say fashion is vital for introduce our culture in the rest of the world.

Different types of Fashion Styles

  1. Street wear Style
  2. Ethnic fashion style
  3. Formal Office Wear
  4. Business Casual
  5. Evening Black Tie
  6. Sports Wear
  7. Girly Style
  8. Androgynous fashion style
  9. E girl
  10. Scene fashion style
  11. Rocker Chic Style
  12. Skateboarders
  13. Goth Fashion
  14. Maternity Style
  15. Lolita Fashion
  16. Gothic lolita style
  17. Hip Hop Style
  18. Chave culture Style
  19. Kawaii fashion
  20. Preppy style
  21. Cowgirl fashion style
  22. Lagen look Fashion style
  23. Girl next door fashion style
  24. Casual Chic Style
  25. Geeky chic Style
  26. Military style
  27. Retro Fashion
  28. Flapper fashion (20’s look)
  29. Arthoe Fashion Style
  30. Ankara Fashion Style
  31. Flamboyant style
  32. Rave fashion
  33. Prairie chic style
  34. Modest fashion
  35. Haute Couture
  36. Cosplay Fashion
  37. Psychedelic Fashion style
  38. Biker fashion
  39. Boho/Bohemian chic
  40. Punk
  41. Grunge style
  42. Artsy Fashion style
  43. Camp Style
  44. Vacation (Resort) style
  45. Garconne look
  46. Tomboy

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