England’s cricket season delayed till July

England’s cricket season delayed till July, the series against West Indies has affected. Because worldwide outbreak of covid-19.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has decided to have a complete lockdown of cricket till July. As a result of which the Test series against West Indies has also been postponed.

According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The ECB has decided that cricket matches will postponed till July 1. But domestic matches have not canceled yet.

England's cricket season delayed till July
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ECB officials will meet next week to discuss the first season of The Hundred, which starts on July 17.

In the UK, the domestic season postponed until May 28 due to the corona virus. Which had scheduled for April 12.

The ECB said it would review international cricket to schedule it by the end of July and September.

The England women’s cricket team’s tour of England, which scheduled from June 25, has also been postponed.

“We are still optimistic about a few cricket matches this summer, but we are facing a global crisis,”. Said Tom Harrison, the ECB’s chief executive.

“We will prioritize saving the workers and society as a whole, rather than holding sports,” he said.

“So there will be no cricket until society is safe and our schedule delayed with the permission of the government,” said Tom Harrison.

It have to noted that a series of three test matches between England and West Indies. C cricket teams scheduled to start from June 4, followed by a tour of Australia, Pakistan and Ireland.

The ECB has not yet made a decision on the Test series against the West Indies.

The board said after the meeting yesterday that domestic, first-class and limited-style cricket would included in a new schedule.

Consider closed-door cricket matches

Tom Harrison said international and county matches could played behind closed doors by providing a safe environment for players and management officials.

He said that the ECB would decide on competitions without spectators once it was satisfied.

“Now more of our planning is about what cricket will be like behind closed doors,” he said.

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He said that the steps taken by the government could be taken into account through this lockdown and messages to the citizens.

England’s 11-stage T20 Blast will begin on May 28 and end in early July, but will also be postponed.

The United Kingdom is one of the worst-affected countries in the world, with 138,078 people infected so far.

The death toll from the corona virus in the UK is 18,738, with 118,996 people still receiving treatment, of whom 1,559 are in critical condition.

Pakistan has also canceled a visit to the Netherlands due to the corona virus and India has postponed the IPL.

The global epidemic has not only affected cricket, but also an ancient event like the Olympics, which has been delayed by a year.

England’s cricket season delayed till July ans Test series with West Indies also postponed.

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