Covid-19 ECB banned cricket in England

London England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) Banned All Cricket

The London England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has banned any kind of professional cricket in England until May 28. They will view of the Corona virus, while the start of a new cricket season has been postponed in the country. Once Corona Virus will controlled. Covid-19 ECB banned cricket in England.

Covid-19 ECB banned cricket in England

The ECB statement said that In the current situation. The safety of the players, from the fans and everyone connected with game has our top priority. ECB’s meeting also decided that starting of new cricket season in England should be postponed for seven weeks.

Accordingly, the ECB began formulating suggestions for the start of the new season in June, July and August.
The most concentrated was the three-Test series against the West Indies, the series against the Vitality Blast Tournament and the India Women’s Cricket Team.
 It was decided that the board will be in constant touch with the British government
According to the situation, a new decision will be made later only their suggestions.


Latest report for the corona viris, it expanded in 177 countries and still new cases are increasing.

Report on one of COVID-19 monitoring website

Last updated: March 21, 2020, 10:05 GMT

Coronavirus Cases: 278,560

Deaths: 11,554

Recovered: 92,906

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Covid-19 ECB banned any cricket in England

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