Babar Azam Nominated as ICC’s Best Batsman for April 2021

Babar Azam Nominated as ICC’s Best Batsman for April 2021. Pakistani team captain won the award for best player of the month in men cricketers. In the ladies cricket format. While among women’s cricketers, Australia’s Alyssa Haley declared the best cricketer.

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Babar Azam Nominated as ICC’s Best Batsman for April 2021

Babar Azam excelled in all formats in the recently concluded series against South Africa and along with the fans, the ICC Voting Academy selected Babar Azam as the best player for the month of April.

In the third ODI against South Africa, he played an innings of 94 off 82 balls. For which 13 rating points given to him and reached the career best 865 points.

Rameez Raja, a well-known commentator and representative of the ICC Voting Academy, said. That white ball cricket has two styles of batting. One way is to destroy your opponent’s bowling. The other is the style of Babar Azam in which you bat brilliantly with great sophistication and that is why Babar deserves this honor.

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On the other hand, Pakistani team captain Babar Azam also became the first Pakistani captain to win the first four Test matches of his career. Before him, India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the last captain in the world. Who won his first four matches as captain.

Who Won His Earlier More Matches as Captain

Percy Chapman of England has the distinction of winning the first nine matches as captain. Who received the award between 1926 and 1930.

Babar Azam named the best player of April after a panel of experts and spectators formed by the ICC. He scored a total of 228 runs in three ODIs and 305 runs in seven T20 Internationals.

The ICC on Monday announced the awards, which are aimed at recognizing the best performance of male and female cricketers.

Along with Babar Azam, Fakhr Zaman and Koshal Bhurtal of Nepal nominated for the April award.

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For the month of April, the famous female cricketer of Australia’s Alyssa Haley, declared the best cricketer.

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