Babar Azam Moved to 2nd Position in the T20 Rankings

ICC release new T20 rankings in which Babar Azam Moved to 2nd Position in the T20 Rankings. The top position in the T20 rankings is ready to embrace the Babar Azam. Pakistani captain was left behind Aaron Finch and reached the second position.

Babar Snatched The Number One Position From Virat Kohli
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Babar Azam Moved to 2nd Position in the T20 Rankings

Babar Azam, the world number one batsman in the ODI rankings, is also moving towards better rankings in T20 cricket. Due his outstanding performance in South Africa series.

Babar Azam snatched the Indian Virat from the top position in the ODI rankings, snatching his position and came first. But now in the latest T20 rankings, he has managed to deprive Australian captain Aaron Finch of the second position.

In the series against South Africa, Babar Azam was the most successful batsman with 210 runs in 4 matches, including a century and a half-century.

Thanks to this brilliant performance, Babar Azlam has secured the second position in the world rankings of T20 and he is only 48 points behind the number one David Milan of England.

He is now 48 points behind England’s David Malan at the top. In the first match against Zimbabwe, they did not play big innings. However, with excellent performances in the remaining matches of the 3T20 match series, Babar can once again get the top position in the rankings. Which was in their possession until November last year.

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