Aleem Dar snatch the record of most odi umpiring

Pakistan’s umpire Aleem Dar snatch the record of most odi umpiring. He achieved this milestone during the ongoing series between Pakistan and Zimbabwe. Thus, Aleem Dar became the most responsible umpire in the ODIs. The PCB also presented him a commemorative shield before the second match between Pakistan and Zimbabwe. While Aleem expressed happiness over the award.

Aleem Dar snatch the record of most odi umpiring

On the social networking site Twitter, the ICC congratulated Aleem Dar and released the names of the umpires in most matches.

According to the ICC, Aleem Dar is the highest umpire in 210 matches, followed by Rudy Quetzen, who has umpired in 209 matches.

New Zealand’s Billy Bowden is third with 200 matches and West Indies umpire Steve Buckner is fourth with 181 matches.

World-ranked Australians Simon Toffle and Daryl Harper are joint fifth with 174 umpires.

“The PCB “congratulates the three-time ICC Umpire of the Year for setting the world record for most ODIs.”

Pakistan Cricket board also tweet on social media tweeter

Aleem Dar is valued all over the world for his excellent umpiring. He has won many honors. He has now become the official to play in most ODI matches.

The second match of the Pakistan-Zimbabwe series in Rawalpindi on Sunday was the 210th ODI of his career. He thus surpassed Rudy Quitzen of South Africa who had umpired in 209 matches. Aleem Dar has already been named as the match official for most of the 132 Test matches.

In a video statement released on PCB’s social media accounts, Aleem Dar said, “I thank Allah for playing 210 ODIs.”

“I thank the PCB, the ICC, my friends and colleagues and all the media for bringing out my every achievement,” he said.

I miss my parents on this occasion and I would like to thank my family and friends because without their support this success would not have been possible,” he said.

Aleem Dar snatch the record of most odi umpiring

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