A look at Babar’s performance over last 3 years

Shahzad Farooq is the writer, who had write a blog for Dawn news on December 5, 2020. Give Babar Azam his right, and add him to Fab Five!. He try to compare Babar Azam with other four legend cricket players who get Fab Four status. Here is A look at Babar’s performance over last 3 years. After reading the blog, you will also wonder if Babar is getting his right.

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A look at Babar’s performance over last 3 years

It is a feature of every game that the best performers in a particular era get a special place in it, and the same thing has been happening in the game of cricket. During the 80’s, there were 4 all-rounders in the world of cricket and they had a special place.

If England had EN Botham, then New Zealand had Richard Headley, India had Kapil Dev and Pakistan had Imran Khan. All four were excellent fast bowlers as well as excellent batsmen. All four were right-handed fast bowlers but were still very different from each other. Richard Headley was the best in bowling and also the weakest in batting.

If we mention the batsmen who made their name in the same period. Then there was talk of Vivian Richards of West Indies, Sunil Gavaskar of India and Javed Miandad of Pakistan. Although all three were very different types of batsmen, all three were very successful and played a very important role in the success of their team.

90 Era Best Cricket Players

Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Kirtley Ambrose, Corinthian Walsh. Alan Donald and Glenn McGrath were among the bowlers. In the 90s, while Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara were among the batsmen. The two were first compared to Saeed Anwar and Mark Wa. But then Saeed Anwar and Mark Wa left behind and Sachin and Lara went ahead. Sachin Tendulkar went far ahead in the world of records but still he was compared to Brian Lara. Many people consider Lara to be a better batsman over Sachin Tendulkar.

Then came the era of Ricky Ponting and Kumar Sangakkara and today is the era of Virat Kohli. Steve Smith, Ken Williamson and Joey Root. This time these 4 best batsmen were also given the title of Fab Four.

Like the old legends, the style of play of these four is also different. Some like to play aggressively, some like to play calmly, some are good in ODI and T20, some like in Test cricket. But all four have their own team. Are the best batsmen.

There was a time when all four were captains of their own team but then Smith could not retain the captaincy after the ban and Root’s captaincy was limited to Test cricket.

Babar Azam Debut and A look at Babar’s performance over last 3 years

Babar Azam made his international debut in 2015 and has been performing well in ODIs and T20s since 2016. But Babar Azam has gained recognition in the eyes of experts in the last two years when he played Test cricket. Started performing well.

Babar Azam was scoring centuries in ODI cricket and was also performing well in T20. But failures in Test cricket prevented him from becoming a big name in cricket. After Babar’s persistent failures in Test cricket, he may have been dropped from the format, but then-coach Mickey Arthur had full faith in Babar’s abilities.

Babar was playing a great innings at the historic Lord’s ground in the 2018 tour of England and it looked like he might complete his first century but a bouncer from Ben Stokes not only deprived Babar of a century but also a few months later. Also removed from cricket.

Babar Fist Century in Test

But then Babar Azam made his first Test century against New Zealand that year. He also maintained his form during the tour of South Africa. It did not stop there, but the tour of Australia, where big names are nervous. Babar also showed the essence of his abilities and made his second Test century of Test cricket there.

When Babar was successful on these difficult fronts, how could he leave out relatively weak opponents like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, so Babar also scored centuries against them and proved to some extent that he has also become a successful batsman in Test cricket. Are

In the last three years, Babar Azam has performed well not only in ODIs and T20s but also in Test cricket. Babar’s performance during this period has been comparable to that of all the batsmen in the Fab Four.

Let’s compare Babar’s performance in this period with these four best batsmen. (A look at Babar’s performance over last 3 years)

Test cricket

Gambling route

Joe Root has scored 2263 runs in 33 Test matches in the last 3 years, scoring only 4 centuries, while his average is less than 40.

Steve Smith

Meanwhile, Steve Smith scored 1253 runs in 13 Tests at an average of 3 centuries and 60.

Ken Williamson

Ken Williamson scored 1262 runs in 17 Tests with an average of 4 centuries and 53.

Virat Kohli

And Virat Kohli scored 1972 runs in 23 Test matches with an average of 7 centuries and 53

Babar Azam

In the same period, Babar Azam scored 1570 runs in 18 Test matches at an average of 62, while he also scored 5 centuries.

ODI cricket

Gambling route

In ODI cricket, Joe Root scored 1962 runs in 52 matches with an average of 50 and 6 centuries.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith scored 1042 runs in 24 matches at an average of 3 centuries and 45.

Ken Williamson

Ken Williamson scored 1457 runs in 33 matches at an average of 4 centuries and 52

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli scored 2947 runs in 48 matches at an average of 11 centuries and 74

Babar Azam

While Babar Azam has scored 1822 runs in 41 matches with an average of 5 centuries and 53.

T20 cricket

Gambling route

Speaking of T20, Joe Root scored 150 runs in 7 matches at an average of 25.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith scored 281 runs in 12 matches at an average of 47

Ken Williamson

Ken Williamson scored 492 runs in 18 matches at an average of 29.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli scored 838 runs in 27 matches at an average of 47

Babar Azam

While Babar Azam has scored 1213 runs in 30 matches at an average of 53.

It is clear from these figures that Babar Azam’s performance during this period has been better than that of Steve Smith and Ken Williamson, while he has performed on par with Virat Kohli. As far as the gambling route is concerned, it has been on hold all this time.

Root’s performance in ODI cricket has been impressive, but in Test cricket, where Root is also the captain, there has been a significant decline in performance. Therefore, in these circumstances, the question arises as to whether it is fair to include Gambling Root in Fab Four. Doesn’t Babar Azam’s performance entitle him to join Fab Four instead of Joey Root?

Babar Azam, who is now Pakistan’s captain in all three formats of cricket, has proved himself worthy of being included in the list with his performance. Many cricket fans and cricket gurus also say that the constituency should be expanded to 5 batsmen instead of 4 by including Babar Azam and it should be named as Fab Five.

Now it is up to the cricket experts to add Babar Azam to Fab Four instead of Joy Route or Babar Azam to be added to this circle without removing Joy Root.

A look at Babar’s performance over last 3 years

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